This is a very intersting situation...


Written on 6:48 PM by Em

...this kind of thing doesn't happen every day, not in Bedford Falls anyway.

The boys are doing great. Ruger has really grown up a lot lately. He almost talks in full sentences now. He gets plenty of practice in each day since he is ALWAYS chattering. :) He also shows genuine concern for each member in the family including Cole. For some reason he got it in his head that when people are sleeping, they are dead. While he was watching Whinnie the Pooh the other day, Pooh got sad in the video. Jim and I heard sniffling from Ruger and noticed his eyes were welling up with tears. We asked what was wrong. Ruger responded, "Pooh sleeping? Sad (sniff sniff) sad." We thought it was strange and that is was a fluke, but then this morning, Cole was sleeping on the couch when Ruger walked over to Cole and gently touched him. He turned back to Jim with tears and said, "Sleeping? Cole? (sniff sniff)" Jim tried to console him by saying to Ruger that Cole was just tired and was taking a nap just like how Ruger sometimes take a nap when he's tired. All Ruger could say with his teary eyes and puckered out bottom lip was, "sad. sad." We really think Ruger thought Cole was dead and was genuinely crying that he had lost his little friend. Kinda funny. :)

Cole is also growing big, strong, and smart. He weighs about 9 pounds, can hold himself up on his own little legs for quite a while, and is smiling!! We are sure proud of our little ones.

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  1. Rachel |

    Such a CUTE little man, that Ruger! I still laugh at this story.


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