This is a very intersting situation...


Written on 6:48 PM by Em

...this kind of thing doesn't happen every day, not in Bedford Falls anyway.

The boys are doing great. Ruger has really grown up a lot lately. He almost talks in full sentences now. He gets plenty of practice in each day since he is ALWAYS chattering. :) He also shows genuine concern for each member in the family including Cole. For some reason he got it in his head that when people are sleeping, they are dead. While he was watching Whinnie the Pooh the other day, Pooh got sad in the video. Jim and I heard sniffling from Ruger and noticed his eyes were welling up with tears. We asked what was wrong. Ruger responded, "Pooh sleeping? Sad (sniff sniff) sad." We thought it was strange and that is was a fluke, but then this morning, Cole was sleeping on the couch when Ruger walked over to Cole and gently touched him. He turned back to Jim with tears and said, "Sleeping? Cole? (sniff sniff)" Jim tried to console him by saying to Ruger that Cole was just tired and was taking a nap just like how Ruger sometimes take a nap when he's tired. All Ruger could say with his teary eyes and puckered out bottom lip was, "sad. sad." We really think Ruger thought Cole was dead and was genuinely crying that he had lost his little friend. Kinda funny. :)

Cole is also growing big, strong, and smart. He weighs about 9 pounds, can hold himself up on his own little legs for quite a while, and is smiling!! We are sure proud of our little ones.


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Upon request this is a little of what we have been up to these days:

Jim took Ruger fishing. It was pretty amazing that Jim caught a big fish in the first five minutes of being at the pond. It was a good thing, though, because Ruger sure had little patience for the fish to come out.

Ruger had his SECOND birthday! This is him waiting patiently for his cupcake.

We love our little Cole, but we sure lose a lot of sleep these days. We take a nap whenever we get a chance even if it's not intentionally. :)

Jim and Cole in the hospital.

Here is our lovely Grandma Phelps. She was trying to talk to Hailey on the phone, but was being bonbarded with two little ones just begging for her attention. She handled it quite well. I guess I should take a lesson from the experienced.

I asked Jim to help give Ruger a bath. This was his idea of helping. I walked in to see what all the laughter was all about when Jim explained, "I was getting so wet from all the splashing, I thought I might as well hop in with him." You can imagine how much fun that was for Rueg. We love our Jimmy. He certainly brings a good happy spirit into the home when he is here.

Last, we are very grateful for Mom coming to help prepare for and take care of the baby for SO long! We were very sad Dad couldn't make it down, but are hoping he can come sometime soon. We very much appreciated all Mom did for us--cooking, cleaning, babysitting, putting furniture together, and being my company for a week before Cole was born. That was honestly the best week of the year so far. :) It was heavenly just having someone with me during the day doing all the things I wanted to do. :) We love you, Grandma and everyone else in this enormous family!

Christmas, New Years, and Visitors continued


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We went to the zoo! Did you know sloths only have muscles that pull. They can't push on anything. That's why they are most comfortable hanging upside down from trees!

Kaleb and Ruger on the boat to see the monkeys.

Ruger taking a rest while waiting to board the boat.

We were spoiled on Christmas with everyone's gifts. We are very grateful for ALL of them! :) Ruger sure was content that day playing with his new toys. He hardly made peep all day.

Isn't it great how excited the little ones get over simple things such as a blanket? He ripped it out of the package and immediately laid on it to give it a try.

Jim has been working hard on writing more books and making YouTube videos to advertise those books. This a before and after shot of the picture he used on his latest video. Pretty impressive, I thought. Although, you get the "after and before" version. Ooops.

This is more of our Christmas Eve beach day. Ruger really loved playing with Kaleb. Kaleb would throw the frisbee into the shallow waves and Ruger would run to go get it. Ruger followed him everywhere, just watching to see what Kaleb would do next. And let's be serious....can I really get any bigger? Isn't it time for the baby to come out now? Please?

Christmas, New Years, and Visitors!


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We have a lot of catching up to do. Here are some of the things we have been doing:

We went to the beach for Christmas Eve. We tried to recreate last year's Christmas card, but this is what we got from Ruger. O-well. :)

This is Ruger showing Grandma something neat.

We watched fireworks over the Naples pier for New Year's Eve. Very fun.

Jim has loved having someone to play tennis with. Kaleb and he have played several games.

Ruger got a little tired at one of our trips to the beach. Not many kids would admit being tired when they could be playing in sand, shells, and water. I'm not sure what to think of that...

Kaleb took us out to eat while we waited for the paper work his new car.

We took a walk through the Picayune Strand. It was probably the most rustic/woodsy place Jim and I have been since we've been in Florida. The swamp just isn't a place that I am comfortable trudging through without knowing what's ahead. Who knows what we might run into--aligators, over grown pythons, wild hogs, etc.

The first day Kaleb got here, we went to the pier. Unfortunately, it was as cold here as it was in Blackfoot that day. Ruger sure was in for a surprise.